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Welcome ... to my slice of the cyber landscape which documents my life experiences and interests with my photographs and writings. 
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This section explores my thoughts and wanderings in the spiritual realm.  It is divided into 5 themes.  
This section describes my profession and my life's work.  I enjoy helping people maximize their enjoyment of life.  An employment change in 1999 took me in an international direction.  Currently, I'm working as a psychotherapist in Geneva, Switzerland.  My resume can also be found here as well.
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My Great-Grandpa's blacksmith shop
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My kids, Nathaniel and Rachel
at Canyon de Chelle, Arizona.
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This section displays my original photographs. The pages include Family Photos, Travel Photos and Artistic Photos. 

Kosovar refugees on the beach in Southern Albania.
Imperial Dunes in Southern California
These pages help you to understand what refugee life is like through photos and my journal entries from when I worked with Sudanese unaccompanied minors in Kakuma Refugee Camp in Northern Kenya and with Kosovar refugees in Albania, during the Balkan War.
Executive Palace, downtown Rome
Connections (under construction) will examine relationships with one another, with God and with ourselves. 
Know Thyself (under construction) will delve deeper into our psyches to reveal just how complex and multidimensional  we are.
Sacred Earth (under construction) will travel around the world revealing how certain terrestrial regions deeply impact our bodies and souls and vice versa.
Music describes my early musical influences and gives a sample of one of my Native American flute melodies.
Holy Cards is a collector's showcase of those beautiful and often moving momemtos of those dearly beloved individuals who have died.
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Global art treasures direct from the artist!
Click on the NOVICA banner on the left to explore what extraordinary grassroots artists from all over the world have to share of their talents.  I met artists in Africa whom I referred to this organization.  Congolese refugees in the Matunda micro project in Nyarugusu refugee camp in Tanzania hand carve and paint beautiful fruit bowls.  Natalie Mbembo, from the DRC produces amazing copper art masterpieces.
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Rhone River in Geneva, Switzerland