Kenya Photographs
The images on this page were taken at Kakuma Refugee Camp in Northern Kenya by myself and a colleague (Thank you Molly!).  Over 60,000 refugees live in this desolate, dry section of Kenya's Northern Rift Valley.  The camp is managed by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) from the Nairobi Branch Office.

I worked here as a Resettlement Specialist Consultant for 6 weeks in late 1999 and again for 8 weeks in the Summer of 2000.  My job was to make "Best Interest Determinations" for the Sudanese unaccompanied minors who fled the civil war in Sudan, arriving in Kakuma in 1992.  My colleagues, also from the U.S., are Julianne and Molly (pictured below), and Terry, who is featured on the "More Kakuma Photographs" page. 
A boy leading a camel through camp.
A few of the thousands of children of Kakuma.
Sudanese dancing.
Keeping rhythm for the dancers.
Local Turkana tribesman tending his goats.
Refugee camp staff meet on the "front porch."
David with Hanim (interpreter) and Susan (clerk).
Minor's lodging made from mud with tin can roofs.
Julianne with Sudanese young men.
Molly with friends.
Our Sudanese interpreters in the UNHCR minors office. They are all refugees residing in Kakuma Camp.
Susan and Hanim in the minor's office working on the laptop computer.