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The Refugee Worker's Perspective
Last picture with Daniel in front of the 12-seater UNHCR plane on the gravel airstrip.
My home away from home in the refugee workers' compound in Kakuma.
The early morning Kakuma jogging group pauses for a photo on the usually dry riverbed bridge
Interpreters gather at the rear entrance to the Unaccompanied Minors Office at the UNHCR building
Me, surrounded by the Sudanese "Lost Boys" of Kakuma
Oliver Stone (in red shirt) visits Kakuma Camp to speak with the "Lost Boys" about their refugee experience.
The day before I left Kakuma I was sick with hayfever, sweating profusely.
Terry and the UNHCR office guard, John, at the entrance to the UNHCR office in Kakuma
Sudanese interpreter, Simon, with American Resettlement Specialist, Terry, at the entrance to Kakuma Refugee Camp
Flag of Kenya
Map of Kenya
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Kakuma Refugee Camp is located North of Lodwar near the Sudan border.
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Map courtesy Africa for Visitors