Tree trunk painted in the native style on the beach front with small colored stone gifts of respect.
Trip to Seattle
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The Pacific coast of Washington in Olympic National Park.
Sarah and Jeff on Easter day at the beach at Olympic National Park
Big Si, a mountain in the Cascade range
Jeff, near the top of Little Si, looking at Big Si
The trai on Little Si in the late afternoon sun
Jeff with Acadia at the summit of Mt Si
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Lake Easton in he Cascade range
Easton Lake
The monorail platformat the Spaceneedle in Seattle
The Experience music museum as seen from the Spaceneedle
Seattle skyline with Mt Ranier in the background, as seen from the Spaceneedle
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Tillicum Village on Blake Island in Pueget Sound.
Looking to the east over the sound at sunset after visiting Tillicum Village.
A moss covered tree in the Hoh rainforest in Olympic National Park.
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Me, sitting at the base of a big one.
Sarah frightening Jeff through the tree.
"That the closest I've ever seen anyone get to an elk," said the ranger, after scolding me for getting so close.
Jeff and Sarah in the Hoh rainforest, the morning after camping there.
Mt St Helens, with peak hidden in the mist.
Coldwater Lake, near Mt St Helens
The "before" and "after" photos.
The Olympic Range in the distance over the sound.
Mt Ranier as seen from Pueget Sound near Seattle.
A creek on the slopes of Mt Ranier.
17 feet of snow at 5400 feet up on Mt Ranier.
Me and Jeff in front of the visitors center at Paradise on Mt Ranier after snowshoeing.
On the way down Mt Ranier with very tall trees.
West of Seattle, the Cascade mountains.
More Cascades.