Thursday, August 26th, 1999


The Last Word


Hi all!


Well, I have not followed through and sent you the Chronicle about my Kosova

experience, mostly because I haven't written it.  I figure there has to be

something left to tell you all in person when I see you next.  I have been

VERY busy trying to finish up work AND plan for my holiday which begins



Today was my last official day at work.  I will return from Italy, and spend

two more days orienting my successor, who happens to be someone I know from

Minnesota... its a small world after all!!  I have a lot of sadness leaving

the relationships that I've heartfully nurtured since the moment I arrived

here.  And, at the same time, I am excited about reuniting with my kids and

family and friends.


I will be job hunting upon return... no, actually starting right now.  You

who are in the social service field in Minnesota... you know who who are...

please keep your eyes open for something that requires the exceptional

abilities with which I have been so blessed.  You may either email notice of

these to me at this email address or wait and call me at home after the 16th

of September at 651‑894‑1539.  I can start on the 17th of September.  OK,

maybe the 18th!  I am looking for a supervisory position... I really enjoy

supervising, I have found.  Something in the mental health field, perhaps

with a spiritual twist to it, working with blood fued issues, for example,

or restorative justice family conferencing with murder cases.  Or running a

retreat center in downtown Minneapolis.  Or advocating to save the white

pines in Northern Minnesota... oh, I forgot, most of them were blown down...

very sad... I need to go there when I return to grieve their loss.  You get

the idea...


As I walked home tonight, after my going away party ended around 9:00 PM,

which, by the way, was very, very fun, with dancing and food and drink and

laughter, I walked much more slowly than usual, recalling all the hugs and

kisses and good wishes and thank you's, intentionally noticing the strong

smells from garbage rotting, and coffee brewing, and listening to the

laughter of men gathered together on the street, and greeting the old man

who owns a small shop where I often buy akkulore (ice cream) on my way home

from work.  I particularly noticed the couples... couples of every age and

gender combinations... mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, girlfriends

and boyfriends, grandmas and grandsons, walking slowly, even more slowly

than I at my slowed pace, arm in arm.... arm in arm, intimately talking with

each other, bending toward the other to hear every important word spoken, or

to just feel the warmth of the other's breath against their face.  Admiring

the full moon, they slowly walked along the streets and the narrow, dark and

potholed alleyways, without a fear in the world, absorbed in the joy of

sharing the cool and still evening in each other's presence.


Until we meet again, I remain, your Albanian correspondent...