You Can Create Fractal Art!
Start by downloading the FREE program, "XoaS."   It is less than 1mb.
From this single base image, a classic Mandelbrot formula, which appears when you start the program, you can zoom into and out of the fractal image with your right and left mouse buttons...
... to find the following diverse and beautiful images.
The XoaS program features 108 base images from which hundreds of associated images can be found and saved.
I enjoy fractal images for many reasons.  The images contain beautiful shapes and colors.  They are three dimensional and with XaoS, it feels like you are flying through them.  Often, the larger base image is composed of many identical smaller images.  Conversely, the base image can also be a collection of very diverse images, as illustrated above.  They are formed as a result of mathematical formulas, a case of science creating art and beauty.
I hope you enjoy creating and exploring these fractal images.
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